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Thetahealing® is a treatment that acts directly on the root of the problem, and aims to release blockages and limiting beliefs that
in the person’s life in different negative formats, such as relationship problems, financial difficulties, psychosomatic
financial difficulties, psychosomatic illnesses, low self-esteem, among others.

It is a technique that provides a deep self-knowledge, clarifying for each person the reasons why the person – unconsciously
– creates and attracts some challenges in his/her life.

The treatment is done through an initial conversation where the patient explains to the therapist which complaint will be worked on in that session.

During this conversation, the therapist will do some muscle tests on the patient based on Kinesiology to identify limiting beliefs linked to the problem brought by the patient, so that they can be replaced by new programs of healthy and freeing awareness, always with the patient’s
patient’s permission.

The liberation of these limiting patterns is done through the Theta brain wave, which provides the patient with a sensation of well-being and lightness without
hypnotized. The treatment is totally conscious and can be done in a face-to-face or online format.

What are the benefits of Thetahealing®?

Freeing the person from blocks and limiting beliefs.

After a work in which the person understands the self-responsibility for getting into that situation, he can also understand how strong he is to get out of it. Different issues can be addressed, such as improvement in financial life, psychosomatic illnesses, lack of confidence, relationship problems, among others.

What Subjects can I cover in a session?

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The techniques used are not intended to replace conventional medicine, but to complement it.