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Acharya has different types of treatments, but first of all, it is recommended to perform an integrated service. The Integrated Service makes a reading of the vibrational frequencies of the person and seeks a better way to reestablish the energy field.

It consists of three phases:

  • Evaluation of the patient’s energetic field: Based on this analysis, it is possible to indicate the most adequate treatment for the patient’s energetic restructuring.
  • Application of the appropriate treatment: After the evaluation, it is possible to apply the treatment that will have the best results for the person at that moment.
  • Evaluation of the results: This consists of measuring the results, that is, if the treatment applied was effective and restructured the energetic field.

What are the Benefits of Integrated Service?

Through it it is possible to verify the appropriate treatment and that it is better able to solve the person’s problems. It is very similar to a medical diagnosis, in which it seeks to assess the possible causes of the disease and based on this diagnosis, the therapist applies the best treatment in that session.


It is important to say that the treatments do not have a standard periodicity, that is, each treatment is unique, and seeks to harmonize the energy field that the person has at that time. Each person responds in a way and he will also be responsible for the outcome of his treatment. Just as a psychologist has no way of defining the duration of a treatment, so it is with energy treatments. Even so, there are many clients who make individual visits, without continuity of treatment and feel much better after this unique service. It’s your choice.

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