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Through the RP ® Psychonic Table the evaluation of the energy field of the person is made and also the healing, which is performed by each symbol of the table.

In practice, the RP ® Psychonic Table is like a board, with symbols of Sacred Geometry and also Dowsing. Through mental intervention, the therapist uses a pendulum and the healing is accomplished by tuning the frequency of each symbol on the table. The session ends only when the person has his energetic field completely reorganized.

What are the Benefits of the RP® Table?

General harmonization of the person as a whole, but can also be indicated for specific objectives, such as selling a house, obtaining better results in an exam or contest, judicial processes, adjusting relationships, improving prosperity, among others.

In each session, the therapist makes a direct intervention of cleaning and harmonization of the patient’s chakra.

What topics can I address in a session?

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