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 Level Four presents you with several new techniques for activating your Light Body in a higher octave


Level Four is, once again, a quantum leap from the Melchizedek Method Level Three. As with all previous presentations, it is essential at this time of human and planetary evolution that as many people as possible continue to seek and activate the highest degree of light within the cells of their bodies. Level Four of the Melchizedek Method will not only achieve this, but will take you on a journey beyond the physical encapsulation of gravity and time.

At Level Three, you manifested the full 33-layered Adam Kadmon light body and through the light shield of the Kamadon Temple, you traveled through the one eye of God in collective ascension. Level Four continues from this point, ensuring that you enter the higher realms with all the necessary codifications and balance of Light and love that is necessary to receive the full opportunities of the options that will be offered to you by God as the worlds of light manifest before you.

In this workshop/seminar, you will be guided into the Eye of God with a complete understanding of how your morphic resonance merkabah works and its influence on the eternal eye in the higher dimensions. You will be introduced to the Universal Oni-Merkabah of Love from multiple bodies of light.

It is also necessary to add several new coded components to ensure a perfect input and light pulse vibration as you project yourself through the Eternal Eye of God.

In general, Level Four gives you the Final Keys and this is Real Ascension. You enter the omniscient realm of God’s love potential, revealing our new world of true light mastery, and through this process we can take our place in the Galactic Councils that oversee our ascending world within this sector of the universe.

Level Four of the Melchizedek Method includes:

Duration: 3 full and consecutive days

  • Value in Latin America

    USD 333 seminar + USD 30 practice audio

    $ 333
  • Valor no Portugal:

    € 333 seminario + € 30 audio para prácticas

    € 333