Everything is energy, any imbalance in our energy field can prevent things from flowing lightly

The energy field is like an energy bubble that involves all beings. It has a vibrational frequency that emanates from everything from people, plants, animals, stones and material things, like a house for example, or immaterial, like the energy field of a relationship.

The energy field is formed mainly by the aura, chakras and meridians, which in turn feed the subtle bodies, or vibrational bodies. All this interpenetrates our physical body.

About Us

Since 2010, Acharya has been providing energetic treatments to patients afflicted with different problems such as physical, emotional, spiritual, financial problems, toxic relationships, panic syndrome, phobias, addictions, traumas, etc.

Physical Health

Currently, science discusses somatization, which is the generation of physical symptoms from psychological or emotional conditions. Acharya’s treatments go even further, and they believe that the physical corresponds not only to the mind and emotions, but also to our energetic field. Possessing a healthy energetic field is totally interconnected with body and organism health.

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Emotional Health

The energy field is totally connected to our emotional balance. People who have negative emotions – often without a visibly specific reason – usually have a negative energy charge in their energy field. What we feel is a reflection of the energy we vibrate. Acharya helps people to perform a repair in the energetic field and with this provides a greater emotional balance.

Psychic Health

Aligning the energetic field with psychic health is essential to have grand thoughts that lead to a journey of prosperity and courage for one’s own dreams. Through therapeutic treatments, Acharya has the objective of accomplishing this alignment and providing a higher quality in the person’s energetic field, and as a consequence, achieving an improvement in psychic health.

With your energy field balanced it is possible to open doors to paths of

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Integrated Service

A mix of techniques so that we can obtain a better result in relation to the problem presented.

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