Cosmic Apometry

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Cosmic apometry is a technique that aims to offer energy rebalancing to the person. It works with the energy of God’s Love, which dwells within us and throughout the Universe around us. The session takes place through a deep disobsession, in which the therapist removes implants and restricting magnetisms that block evolution and the achievement of personal goals. These implants may have reached the person’s energy field in the form of curses and plagues, thrown into this or other lives.

What are the Benefits of Cosmic Apometry®?

Deep energetic cleansing with the release of negative karmic aspects, dissolving plagues, curses, envy and other blockages that the person has received at some point in this life or another, through this technique, it is possible to rebalance the energy field and offer a more light, cleaning the person of pain, trauma, magic and spells.
Cosmic Apometry offers the person a lighter life by removing envy, magic, implants and any and all negative charges. The goal is to offer a rebalancing of the person’s energy field.

Offer the person a lighter life by removing plagues and curses, as well as clearing him of pain, trauma, magic and spells. Cosmic apometry is intended to rebalance the person’s energy field.

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